The Circumplex Behaviour Scan 360° (CBS360) is an evidence-based, scientifically rigorous assessment of interpersonal behaviour styles that scientifically measures the full range of interpersonal behaviours, providing insight into how an individual interacts with others. The CBS360 is designed for all individuals within an organisation. 

The Circumplex

Interpersonal behaviour is about interpersonal interactions between two or more people. Based on the most recent research about human personality and behaviour, the CBS360 measures two dimensions of this interpersonal interaction: Agency (i.e., our competitive nature, striving for social status, mastery, and power) and Communion (i.e., our striving to belong to one or several groups, striving for collaboration and friendships), which are expressed in eight interpersonal behaviour styles: Influential, Initiating, Empathetic, Yielding, Withdrawn, Distrustful, Antagonistic, and Forceful across four quadrants: Assertive, Adaptive, Avoiding, and Aggressive.

The CBS360 report provides feedback on an individual’s interpersonal
behaviours and style as well as how they ideally would like to behave. Feedback from observers, such as peers, higher-level manager, and other stakeholders—that is 360° feedback— provides a clear picture of how others experience the individual’s interpersonal behaviour. With this information, individuals can better understand their behaviour, how it impacts others, how others will react, their influence on others, and ultimately, their effectiveness. 

The Vector

A defining feature of the CBS360 is the arrow or vector, which represents the direction and strength of the individual's use of all eight styles combined. The vector tells a lot about an individual's overall behavioural repertoire and flexibility to use these behaviours. The vector indicates the overall interpersonal style as represented in the two-dimensional space of Agency, the vertical axis, and Communion, the horizontal axis.

Full 360° View

The CBS360 enables individuals to receive true 360° feedback on their interpersonal behavioural styles through self-assessment and assessment by others. A unique characteristic of the CBS360 is that individual rater feedback is displayed. Raters can choose to be anonymous.

Example of an individual’s Circumplex Results Summary from the CBS360 Feedback Report:

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CBS360 Sample Report

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