Why do we Certify?

CLS360 Pty. Ltd. is committed to ensuring the highest ethical and professional use of its diagnostics and for this reason certifies professionals in the use of its diagnostics.

CLS360 Pty. Ltd. recognises its responsibility to help participants have the best possible outcome from receiving 360º feedback. That is, the 360º feedback experience affirms each participant as an individual, provides useful insights for self-awareness and development, and ultimately enhances effectiveness.

To this end, the Certification Program is designed to train and educate professionals in the ethical and professional use of the diagnostics, and holds them to a Code of Practice. This Code of Practice articulates professional conduct and ethical practices to guide all professionals using the CLS360 Pty. Ltd. diagnostics. Contact CLS360 Pty. Ltd. if you would like a copy of the Code of Practice.


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