The Enlighten phase involves debriefing the CLS360 Team results and any other data. Typically this is debriefed via a group workshop session.

This group workshop session is conducted by a CLS360 Certified Consultant who shares the results of the CLS360 Team results. This allows the team to make meaning of their feedback by a thorough exploration of the context within which the feedback was given, how the team results provide a picture of the collective team leadership styles and behaviours, and link those to any challenges and opportunities identified in the Enquire phase. Understanding and making sense of feedback is an important step in the team owning their feedback and enables openness, and motivation to change and development. 

For a team debrief session we recommend two sessions of ½ to 1-day duration, with 2-3 weeks’ in between. The focus of the first session is to debrief the results and the second session is to focus on action planning.

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