The Embed phase is about structured development activities coming out of the CLS360 survey feedback and Action Plan, and are conducted either in the form of Coaching or Development Workshops.

Structured development activities are about supporting the Leader in implementing their CLS360 Action Plan and further developing, and deepening the use of the desirable leadership style/s. 

Coaching: Focused on specific development goals, coaching provides support, challenge and structure for Leaders to better achieve change in line with CLS360 survey feedback. 

Development Workshops: Based on the group data, appropriate workshops are offered on the three CLS360 Transformational Leadership styles: Inspirational, Coaching, Participative and the two meta-motives Agency and Communion. 

The Embed phase also focuses on identifying ways to track, monitor and evaluate progress on the specific goals contained in the CLS360 Action Plan. This can be achieved by the Leader periodically (quarterly) undertaking the CLS360 Pulse to gauge progress on their development plan and involve all relevant Raters who initially provided feedback via the CLS360 survey (for example, manager, direct reports, peers and internal customers).

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